In Memory of Laura Angilletta

In Memory of Laura Angilletta

Laura Angilletta was 23 years old and from Staten Island, New York. Laura worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 101st floor in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

On September 11, 2001, Mrs. Garbarino (Laura's sister) turned on the television and watched the events unfold at the World Trade Center.

She started screaming and then she started calling every number on the 101st floor where her sister worked. She knew all those numbers because she was on maternity leave from the same company. She sat right behind Laura, who had just joined the company in April as a purchase and sales clerk in the corporate bonds division of operations.

Laura Angilletta
Amid the crowd at the the 9/11 Memorial World Trade Center site, a man gazes up at his sign, with a photo of Laura Angilletta.


  1. ovunque tu sia un abbraccio..nonna franca

  2. It hits hard when someone this young and kind has her life cut short. Laura's eyes showed a kindness that is not easily found in our world today. With her death I recall the words "Every... death diminishes me for I am involved in mankind"

    Such words could not be more true when gazing upon her youth lost. To the Laura's family and all families of 9-11...I am sorry for your loss.

  3. I barely knew Laura. I remember her as one of the younger kids up the block, on Ocean Avenue. I remember she and her sister were nice kids..I'd always say hello or give a wave as I walked up the block or whenever I saw them. I do remember how sweet she was...always smiling. Like I said, I didnt even really know her, but remember her to this very day. I cannot imagine the pain her family feels, but I pray for them. I pray for her. I wish I could write better, or find the right words. But, I dont think there are words strong enough or good enough. Just to say what my memory of her is and to let the people who knew her and loved her know that she will be remembered always.

  4. You are not dead.
    As a matter of fact nobody ever dies.
    You want to know why?
    Because you're going to live inside everybody
    who ever knew you, everyone you ever touched no matter how little.
    And the people who love you-
    your mom, your dad,
    your brothers, sisters,
    your friends at school-
    they're never going to stop
    thinking about you.
    Or talking about you.
    They're never going to forget you
    cause that never goes away.
    You're never going to die
    cause you were loved.
    Because you loved.
    You're going to live forever.
    We all will."

    Tim McDonough

  5. I recently ran across this haunting photo with Laura at work in the World Trade Center.

    I recognize Jennifer Mazzotta (left, back row), but who are the others?


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  7. miss you so much..miss the way you looked at me. miss feeding the ducks. wr.


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