In Memory of Jennieann Maffeo

In Memory of Jennieann Maffeo

Jennieann Maffeo was 40 years old and from Brooklyn, New York. Jennieann worked for UBS PaineWebber.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Jennieann was waiting for a bus near the twin towers. When the first plane hit the North Tower, she was doused with burning jet fuel.

In a second she was naked, dazed, her arms outstretched, her hands swollen and blistered beyond recognition, her eyes blackened and welded shut.

Ronald Clifford, from Cork, was in the South Tower lobby of the Trade Centre's Marriott Hotel when the first plane hit, "I saw this woman come out of the haze, and she couldn't see, she was very badly burned. Her name was Jenniann Maffeo. Over 98 per cent of her body was burned. The zipper on her sweater was welded into her body."

Ronald rushed to help her. Jennieann turned to him, "Sacred heart of Jesus, pray for me. Don't let me die" she said. Ronald read her the Lord's Prayer and stayed with her until rescue workers got her to an ambulance.

Jennieann fought for life for 41 days in a burn unit at Presbyterian Hospital- Cornell Medical Center before passing away on October 22, 2001.

"We had a short miracle," said her sister, Andrea Maffeo. "We were able to be with her. We talked to her, although she couldn't talk to us."

Mr Clifford, survived 9/11, but lost his sister Ruth and niece Juliana, both of whom were on United Airlines Flight 175.


  1. For me, Jeannieann Maffeo personifies all the victims who suffered the attacks on 9/11, an innocent victim in someone else’s war. That morning, she stood at a bus stop below the twin towers and was doused with burning jet fuel. Ms. Maffeo lived 41 days following the initial attack before succumbing to her injuries. Her last days had to be the most painful days of her life.

    I remember when I heard the news of her death. Just when I could feel a scab forming on my heart indicating some form of healing from that day, Ms. Maffeo’s death was a reminder that the pain from this event will never really go away. Though my pain is insignificant to Ms. Maffeo, it hit me. Hard.

    On every anniversary of this heartbreaking disaster, I choose to remember the name of Ms. Jeanniann Maffeo, and honor her short life of 40 years, tragically and unnecessarily taken.

  2. Thankyou Andy for your message. I totally agree "Jeannieann Maffeo personifies all the victims who suffered the attacks on 9/11, an innocent victim in someone else’s war."

  3. I had no idea about this poor woman up until this day. Absolutely horrific :( RIP

  4. Praise God that she had Mr. Clifford there for her to show her love and compassion during the most tragic events of both of their well as our country as a whole. Although I never met her, she was a beautiful woman who will never be forgotten. Rest well, dear Jennieann,

  5. Of all the 9/11 related stories I've read so far this is the first one I've read where I find it hard not to cry after reading it.

  6. Is anyone sure that jet fuel can travel that far downward, a thousand feet before it turns into the raindrop effect? This wouldn't seem possible...

    1. As difficult as it would seem to believe, I had worked with Jennieann when she was employed at NYU. The exact same story was retold by mutual co-workers of ours. She was indeed a very sweet woman. I will never forget her.


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