In Memory of Jennifer L. Howley and her unborn child

In Memory of Jennifer L. Howley

Jennifer L. Howley was 34 years old and from New Hyde Park, NY. (Born: Lincoln, Nebraska). Jennifer worked for Aon Corporation on the 92nd floor in the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

Jennifer faced many obstacles in her life. Becoming deaf in her right ear as a toddler and her mother dying from a brain aneurysm when Jennifer was six years old, tested her during her childhood. As she grew through adolescence towards adulthood, her confidence and resiliency steadied her along the way. She ventured out on her own as a high school graduate and moved to New York at age 18. Jennifer believed she could make it in the Big Apple with a little fortitude and a lot of hard work.

Jennifer married Brian Howley in 1997 and they were expecting their first baby in January 2002.

Jennifer will always be remembered for her beautiful contagious smile.

Jennifer L. Howley and Her Unborn Child


  1. God Be with her husband and family; may she rest in peace


  3. thinking of her today

  4. I visited the memorial 3 years ago with my husband. We were stationed in VA at the time. While walking around the site, I was not feeling anything. Not anything. Then I looked up and saw her name and thought "oh, she has my first name" then her unborn child. I bawled my eyes out. Still do when I think about it. Jennifer, you will always be remembered. Jennifer W.

  5. I visited New York City for the first time last April 2016 with my fourteen year old son. I started crying when I started seeing the women's names with their unborn child. I took beautiful photos of each one I saw and Jennifer was among them. I love her and that baby and I don't even know them. You see, I was pregnant with my son when 9/11 happened so that is a raw wound that will never heal. I'm sure God is taking wonderful care of both of those beautiful souls. Love, Jenny


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