In Memory of Roko Camaj

In Memory of Roko Camaj

Roko Camaj was 60 years old and from Manhasset, New York. (Born: Sukuruc, Montenegro). Roko worked as a window washer for American Building Maintenance in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Roko had worked there for 27 years.

On September 11, 2001, Roko arrived at work at 6.30am. He had full access to the roof. Most likely, he was on the roof when the first plane hit because he was operating the rig (window-washing) that day. He probably heard the plane coming.

When the South Tower was his by United Airlines Flight 175, Roko made one phone call to his mother at 9.14am from the 105th floor. He said, "I'm on the 105th floor. There's at least 200 people here." He was waiting for the okay to go up or down. Before the second plane hit, they told him to stay where he was, he had a walkie-talkie. Then he said, "Don't upset my kids, we're all in God's hands."

Roko once said: "It was me and the sky up here. I bother no one, and no one bothers me."

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