In Memory of Kenneth Tietjen

Kenneth Tietjen was 31 years old and from Matawan, New Jersey.

On September 11, 2001, Kenneth was working his job on the PATH trains when he heard of the attacks. He immediately rushed into Manhattan to help, first commandeering a cab, then hopping an emergency vehicle.

Kenneth led workers, some of them badly burned, from the North Tower before grabbing the last air pack in sight and entering the South Tower.

"He waved to his partner and went in," his mother said.

 Minutes later the tower collapsed.

"He loved everything - life, sports, people, his job. Every day was another project for him. He was a lovable person with many, many friends. And I know it sounds corny, but he was a really good kid. He was born on the Fourth of July. He was a hero."

"I'm still very much in love with Kenny," Kenneth's fiancé said, who still wears, as a pendant, the wedding band they bought on September. 6, 2001, for their planned marriage. "I'm not dating, but I feel very complete now," she said. "I've found some measure of peace. I can laugh now. I couldn't for so long."

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