In Memory of Orio Joseph Palmer

In Memory of Orio Joseph Palmer

Orio Joseph Palmer was 45 years old and from Valley Stream, New York. Orio was a Battalion Chief of the New York City Fire Department.

On September 11, 2001, Orio led the team of firefighters that reached the 78th floor of the South Tower, the floor where the plane had struck the building.

After arriving at the South Tower of the World Trade Center, Orio and his men took the one remaining operating elevator to the 44th floor sky deck, as high as it would go. There they climbed from the 44th floor to the 78th floor, putting out fires along the way while trying to save others.

Orio reached the 78th floor sky lobby and he was able to free a group of civilians trapped in an elevator at 9.58am. Orio radioed that the area was open to the 79th floor, "well into the impact zone", and reported "numerous civilian fatalities in the area". One minute later, at 9.59am, the South Tower collapsed, killing everyone still inside.

On their refrigerator, Debbie Palmer (Orio's wife), still keeps the saying her husband taped there before he led the men of his battalion to the World Trade Center. "Live while you're alive."


  1. beautiful person with a beautiful outlook...Orio the world is proud to have had you.... RIP my friend and to your very proud!!!

  2. Very great man, even if I never knew him! He is an angel now in Heaven. Watching many 9/11 movies, I listened to the fire fighters radio communications. It was all peaceful when he was on the radio. That great feeling inside, when God is waiting and ready to take him home, I can just feel that God was right there on his side. Every thing happens for a reason, and only in God's way. God chose to bring home Orio Joseph Palmer on September 11, 2001, along with everyone who passed away on that day. God is so great, that he says do not fear anything for he is always there. Just pray, and he will answer, but not right away, but only on his time. We live in a world of danger, violence, wars, hurt, sadness, hate, love, change, etc., and all that is for one reason: God. God put us on this Earth to accept him for who he is, and to believe in him when we are in times of need, and which we will all have times in need. We will all hurt, love, change, and believe and disbelieve in certain things, etc. God wants us all to know that he created all of us and all of these things that happen to accept him and believe in him for he is the creator of all. He loves us all, he wants us all to go to Heaven and leave no one behind no matter who they are and what they do. God chose to bring home this great man on 9/11, just like he will bring us all home one day, on his time. R.I.P. Orio Joseph Palmer. I pray for your family for comfort and peace in these hard time we are in, the end of days. God bless you and your family. We will all see one another one day when God comes to bring us all home, which is very near for we are in the end of days.

  3. A real hero.

  4. THANK YOU, Orio for giving it ALL that you had, and being the leader that you were all the way to the end! A true WARRIOR, with the heart of a LION!

  5. A letter from his daughter "Dear Dad,

    "A friend gave me the idea of writing to you. She said it might help. Oh, how I wish you could write back, or I could hear your voice again, or see you — even if it's just a quick glimpse. I hate knowing that you're really not coming home this time, and all I remember about when I saw you last was that I was doing my homework when I got up and kissed you goodbye. I didn't know it would be forever, though.

    "When I was listening to all your favorite music the other day, I thought I would feel sad and I'd miss you. But instead, I felt closer to you, and it was quite comforting because there's not one time that I can remember when you didn't have the radio on. You were the music man.

    "Always know that you're my hero. I could never compare any man to you because that would be unfair to him. For, like Keith said, you're one of a kind — the very best there is out there.

    "My birthday is coming up, but I'm sure you already knew that. It won't be the same without you, and I'm not really looking forward to it. I feel that way about a lot of things, though. I would do anything to have you back.

    "Love always,


    1. Thankyou for sharing this letter with us.

    2. What a beautiful letter! God bless Orio Palmer, a true hero, and all the other heros on that day whose story we will never know.


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