In Memory of Samantha Martin Egan and Lisa Erin Egan

In Memory of Samantha Martin Egan

Samantha Martin Egan was 24 years old and from Jersey City, New Jersey. (Born: Brooklyn, New York).

Samantha was killed at the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks while working at Cantor Fitzgerald on the 104th floor of the North Tower. She worked with her older sister, Lisa Erin Egan, 31.

In Memory of Lisa Erin Egan

According to The New York Times, their father, David, said he knew that the sisters were together after the plane hit.

Their father said: "They would have been seeking one another immediately. It would have been the first thing in their minds. 'Where is Samantha?' Lisa would have said. 'Where is Lisa?' Samantha would have thought. I know they are together."

The sisters share a memorial at Sea View Cemetery in Mount Sinai. A photograph of the pretty blond sisters, who were from Rocky Point, is displayed on their large headstone, and a poem by their father is written on a brass plaque.

Samantha and Lisa Egan Memorial
A bench before the grave of the Egan sisters


  1. rest in peace, you will never be forgotten

  2. All because some fanatical muslim lunatics decided to kill as many innocent Americans as they could manage. I'm sure allah was pleased....

  3. I am writing about Lisa and Samantha in class,
    Rest In Peace. I am glad I chose them. <3


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