In Memory of Richard Pearlman

Richard Allen Pearlman, a volunteer with the Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps, was running an errand at 1 Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan when he heard an all-hands call to the World Trade Center, where a plane had struck one of the towers. He teamed up with police nearby, who took him in a cruiser to Ground Zero, where he was seen helping medical personnel and even carrying people out of the burning building.

On Monday September 17, 2001, NewsWeek published a photo that showed Richard wheeling a bloody victim in a stairchair.

The Newsweek magazine photo showed the 18-year-old from Howard Beach wheeling a bloody victim away from the South Tower — one of the last photos of him before his death. The South Tower was hit minutes after a jet flew into the North Tower. He then ran back into the South Tower to help before it collapsed on top of him.

"I'm going to be a famous person one day, Mom. I'm going to help save the world. You'll see." said Richard to his mother, Dori Pearlman.


  1. God Bless You Richard saving one person has saved the world

  2. League City Volunteer Fire Department will be remembering the volunteerism and sacrifice of Richard at our 9/11 stair climb this year. He is worthy of our respect and remembrance.

    Interim Chief Jeff Smith
    League City VFD
    League City Texas

  3. Richard Pearlman was also a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout the highest rank in the Boy Scouts. After his death in the attacks he was posthumously honored by the national Council of the Boy Scouts of America with the Honor Medal with Crossed Palms, which is awarded to those scouts who save life with extreme risk to self, it is the BSA's highest award for bravery and lifesaving.

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