3000 Rose Petals

3000 Rose Petals by Magdalena Taber

"Living just around the corner from Boston's Logan International Airport, I am still being reminded of 911 by the airplanes flying low over my head. But it is another memory that prompted me to arrange and perform a touching tribute on the 10th anniversary of the event. From a distance, the images of people jumping out of the windows of the towers appeared so serene... 10 years later, I counted 3000 rose petals and along with other artists friends dispersed them into the ocean. The gentle breeze of a perfect September day carried the petals away, while the airplanes flew so close above us. Full of symbolism, an art video documenting the tribute is now available for sharing on Youtube. Each name of the victims is typed into a heart wrenching mosaic, yet it is not an image of defeat, but resilience and hope." Magdalena Taber.

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  1. What an moving and poignant tribute you created through this video - so that those who were lost on that terrible day will never ever be forgotten.


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