In Memory of Vanessa Lang Langer and her unborn child

In Memory of Vanessa Lang Langer and her unborn child

Vanessa Lang Langer was 29 years old and from Yonkers, NY. (Born: Bronx, New York). Vanessa worked for Regus Plc on the 93rd floor in the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

On September 11, 2001, Vanessa, who was four months pregnant, escaped from the South Tower. However, her quest for survival had fallen short. She ran as the South Tower collapsed. She did not make it. Her body, and in it the small body of her unborn child, was pulled from the rubble of the fallen tower on September 24th, just ten feet from an alley between Towers IV and V.

Vanessa's husband, Tim, fell into a spiral of alcohol abuse after the death of his wife and unborn child. He died of liver failure in 2005. He was 34.
911Memorial-In Memory of Vanessa Lang Langer and her unborn child


  1. I visit the memorial two weeks ago and I never forget the name of Vanessa. I dont know the reason, but here name is always on my mind. Maybe the reason is that her name was the first one with 'and her unborn child'. Now im back in the Netherlands and I want to search for her. What a story for her, her husband and family. And off course her child. I want to wish her family all the best. It was to early for her and her child. I hope there are a lot of memories! I dont know her, but she impressed me.

  2. My most wild and craziest memory of Vanessa in highschool was when we both had gotten our license around the same time and when we would take turns driving to school we wondered how we never took out mailboxes or crashed the car ha ha ha ha !!!! She was a dear friend and always made me laugh, she was a ball of fire but always got along with everyone. Vanessa was always accepting of people and when I heard of her passing the news was so tragic and disheartening. With being from Upstate NY people would ask me if I knew anyone that parrished in the 9/11 attacks, and fortunately I would be able to say no. Syracuse , where iam from is 5 hours upstate from NY City so you don't know anyone from there. Well I moved to Charlotte NC and when I heard what happened I was visiting friends in Syracuse and heard of her tragedy on the news. We definetly drifted apart since highschool but she was always special to me and made me feel like we had a special friendship ! As iam writing this the tears are flowing but Vanessa you will always be close in my heart and will never be forgotten. To Vanessa and her unborn child you will be missed and your memory will live on forever.....

    My condolences-

    Shannon Creighton-Letterman

  3. Vanessa,

    I went to see you today as I have each of the previous years. Did you see me? Just as in high school, it was nice to see you. But, this is much different as your voice can't be heard and your smile not seen. I write this with tears flowing so easily. You are missed by many, now and always.

    Matt Cohen

  4. It's hard to believe it's been 12 years since you & your family were robbed of times and memories that will never be shared. Your baby would be 11 now and would surely have been a Yankees & Giants fan. Save a place up there for us.

    Ron Langer

  5. Every year since I knew who she was, Vanessa Lang Langer has become my Facebook profile picture around September 11th. She is my closest link to this tragedy. She was a beautiful girl and I am heartbroken by her situation. She was so close to survival, but Heavenly Father needed an angel. She was just one of many angels who reported to our Heavenly Father that day. She'll never be forgotten by myself, I promise.

  6. Quelle merdier.

  7. I wish you and your child and husband everlasting peace God Bless you all

  8. As I walked into my police precinct shortly after the events I was met by her gaze. Her picture was on the entranceway and her smile and eyes stopped me cold. I knew in my gut that she was already gone and all that I could do was pray for her. So on each anniversary and on her birthday I say a Rosary for you; Vanessa and your child. May you rest in peace for all of eternity. I wish we had met.

  9. Heart breaking to hear you were so close to safety but did not make it, your husband I hope he with you now and at peace, I watched that fateful day here in the UK and unable to do anything but cry, it still on my mind even now in the year 2014, may God Bless you and your child

  10. To the family of Vanessa,

    Yesterday, on 12/13/14 my husband, myself and 24 year old son scheduled a museum visit. Before the museum visit, we walked to the beautiful water fall memorial. As we approached the South Tower fountain, there was a small area that we gravitated to.

    I explained to my 24 yr old son how the memorial reflected each person and placement of their names. As I looked to the left, I was struck by Vanessa's name and "Unborn child". I directed the attention of my husband and son to Vanessa's name. We were speechless.

    After about 1 minute, my son said, "my college roommate, Chris had a cousin who passed away in the WTC 9/11 tragedy. Chris said her name had "unborn child" next to it". I asked my son to text his friend and ask her name. Chris texted back, Vanessa Lang Langer. We were speechless again. Of all the space at the memorial South & North fountains, we were standing here.

    I didn't know Vanessa; however, we walked to a store, purchased some flowers and returned to show our respect. My son sent a picture to Chris with Vanessa's name and our flowers. Chris was touched.

    I hope this message reaches Vanessa's family. Her spirit is reaching out to you...even through strangers. May God bless you and please know, love knows no bounds.

    With warm regards,
    The Hughes Family, Tampa, FL


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