In Memory of Sirius

"Sirius", Police K9, Badge Number 17.

Police K9, Sirius, was a bomb detection dog with the NY/NJ Port Authority Police Department. He and his partner, Police Officer David Lim, were assigned to the World Trade Center.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Sirius and Officer Lim were at their Port Authority Police Station in the basement of the World Trade Center's South Tower. When Officer Lim heard the sound of an explosion, he thought a bomb had gone off inside the building, and he commented to Sirius, "one must have gotten by us."

Thinking he'd be more effective freehanded, Officer Lim left Sirius in his kennel telling him, "I'll be back to get you." as he rushed off to help with the rescue effort. At that time, he couldn't think of a safer place for his canine companion to be than in the basement while he was up doing the rescues.

Officer Lim didn't make it back though, he became trapped in the falling debris of the North Tower and wasn't pulled out until more than five hours later. Sirius, however, perished in the tragedy, leaving Officer Lim without his faithful partner.

"He was very special," Officer Lim said, "All dogs go home with us, so not only was he my partner, but he was also my pet and my friend." The bond between a K-9 and his master is special, and while David realizes the human tragedy will overshadow the death of his dog, he still misses Sirius. "We were very close; no matter where I went, he went. Whatever I asked him to do, he did. He never complained. Sometimes we'd be working for long hours, searching hundreds of cars or trucks, and he'd just look at me like, 'What do you want me to do now?'"

On January 22, 2002, Sirius' body was recovered. When David was notified that the kennel had been found, he rushed to Ground Zero to be there for the recovery of his dog. From all accounts, Sirius was killed instantly. He received full Police Honors when his body was carried out. All the great machines were silenced, everyone lined up and saluted as Officer Lim carried his flag draped companion to a waiting police truck.

It was a tough day for David, but he fulfilled the promise he made to Sirius back on September 11, 2001. David said, "He waited and I came back." The American Flag which had covered the body of Sirius was given to Officer Lim, who says he will cherish it always.

A Memorial Service for Sirius was held on April 24, 2002 at Liberty State Park (North Field) in Jersey City, New Jersey. Earlier that month, Sirius had been posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross at the British Embassy in Manhattan. Almost one hundred police dogs, many wearing badges covered by black ribbon to match those of their handlers and some from as far away as California, filed past the wooden urn containing the ashes of Sirius, as their handlers stopped to salute. Then, David, who had been Sirius' handler for two and a half years, was presented with his companion's stainless steel water bowl, which had been found in his kennel.

"I grieve for those I knew. I grieve for those I never knew. But I grieve the most for the best partner a cop ever had. Sirius is still waiting for me." David Lim.

Officer Lim with Sirius.

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  1. What a beautiful story about the loyalty of a man and his dog. I bought the Sirius K-9 Lapel Pin and the book. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. We will never forget you Sirius.

  3. RIP Sirius and RIP to all of the animals that perished that day.


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