In Memory of Howard Lee Kane

In Memory of Howard Lee Kane

Howard Lee Kane was 40 years old and from Hazlet, New Jersey. (Born: Englewood, New Jersey).

Howard was the comptroller at Windows on the World on the 107th floor in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Having struggled with Crohn's disease for most of his life, Howard had little patience for anyone in a bad mood. His tonic was laughter, and whether it was a new joke he would e-mail to friends or a funny story about that day at the office, he had the gift to make people smile.

His wife, Lori, said he loved his job because it combined his passion for cooking with a view he called "halfway to heaven."

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  1. Their stories haunt me. Not just on the anniversary. There are so many that left us that day. All had their individual lives and those they loved and were loved by. My heart is broken for them and for their families. My prayers are always with each of you and always will be. As I watch the families read the names and give a statement for their loved one, the love expressed pierces my heart. May God comfort you and may you know that we will always remember. With much respect, Susan Gay, TX


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