In Memory of Karlie Barbara Rogers

In Memory of  Karlie Rogers

Karlie Barbara Rogers was 26 years old and from London, England. Karlie worked for Risk Waters Group.

On September 11, 2001, Karlie was attending the Waters Financial Technology Congress at Windows on the World, on the 106th floor in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Karlie was one of 67 British victims of 9/11.

UK 9/11 memorial

The picture above is the 9/11 memorial to the British people who died in New York's World Trade Centre terror attack. The names of the British victims are inscribed on the wall here. The quotation is from the American poet Henry Van Dyke. Part of a steel girder from the World Trade Center is buried underneath this.
(Grosvenor Square Garden, London).

Incisive Media remembers those who were killed in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001

"On the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, we remember our friends and colleagues from what at the time was Risk Waters Group, who were attending the Waters Financial Technology Congress at Windows on the World, on the 106th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center.

Those killed were Sarah Ali Escarcega, Oliver Bennett, Paul Bristow, Neil Cudmore, Melanie de Vere, Michele du Berry, Elisa Ferraina, Amy Lamonsoff, Sarah Prothero, David Rivers, Laura Rockefeller, Karlie Rogers, Simon Turner, Celeste Victoria, Joanna Vidal and Dinah Webster.

We also remember the 65 delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors attending the Waters Congress who also lost their lives."

A tribute to Karlie from her colleagues at Risk Waters said: "From the day Karlie was interviewed we knew she would be a shining star. She was bright and intelligent with a wonderfully optimistic outlook on life. Everything she set out to do she achieved. We will always remember Karlie's warmth, her bubbly personality and her infectious laugh."


  1. RIP Karlie. I will never forget your smile.

  2. I am from the UK God Bless all who died that day and they are at peace

  3. Does anyone know Karlie parents as there's a medium that's called lilly Anne from the uk, that has a message for this ladies parents and she's desperate to tell them what has been said xx

    1. mum...mum its me, and i am ok, i have been gone a while now, and i still see you cry over me nearly every day,
      i loved emerica,
      you knew it was my dream,
      it happened so quick mum,
      i did not suffer,
      there was smoke everywhere, then i saw nanna and granddad charlie,
      they came for me mum, i did not go to heaven on my own, its lovely where i am, i love you and my brothers so much,
      and, our baby girl is beautiful too...

      who can take this lovely young lady,
      she was a 9/ 11 victim, blonde/fair hair,
      20s maybe.........shes not saying too much,
      she needs to connect with her mum,
      or family member,,,,,(PLEASE SHARE ALL OVER THE NET FOLKS)
      This is off lillyanne physic medium Facebook page she's trying to connect to this lady's parents please help! It may be of comfort for the parents of this lady! Xx


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