National 9/11 Flag visits Delaware

New York Fire Marshal Hugh Thornton was pinned in the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center, found by a search dog that stayed at his side, licking his hand until rescuers dug him out.

Thornton, now retired and living in Millsboro, with his rescuer Sam, a dalmatian later given to him, joined a crowd of hundreds at the Dover Fire Department on Thursday to stitch a huge American flag reduced to tatters and shreds when the twin towers fell.

The fire hall was packed for the Delaware visit of the National 9/11 Flag. The nonprofit New York Says Thank You Foundation is taking the flag once to each state, patching with donated flags and letting anyone add a stitch.

"This is not just a flag," foundation representative Denny Deters told the crowd, saying it is less about 9/11, more about 9/12. "It's about people ... to help stitch America back together."

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