Sara Robb remembers 9/11

"I was at work when everything unfolded. A co-worker popped into my office and said, "A plane just hit the World Trade Center." After it all sunk in, I called the school my boys attended (8 and 10 at the time). They assured me that they would not be told what had happened. I rushed to the school before they were "let out" for the day so that I could be the one to do the explaining of what had happened.

We went home and I explained it to them the best I could. We then spent the evening watching the television. My oldest, Tom, said, "Someday I will be a Marine and I will protect America so this never happens again." It touched my heart. He'd always wanted to be a Marine (like his grandpa), but this statement was so bold and seemed to predict his future. Sure enough, 9 years later on September 10, 2010 he graduated from boot camp! Today he proudly serves with the 1/9 Marines in Afghanistan will stop to observe a moment of silence on Sunday to honor those who perished that day and those who worked tirelessly to rescue the ones they could.

God Bless America and Thank You to all those who so selflessly stand to serve and protect our great nation!"

Sara Robb (Very Proud Mom of LCpl Thomas Smith).

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