Washington Museum 9/11 Display

9/11 victims' mobile phones
9/11 victims' phones go on display for the 10th anniversary

The charred mobile phones of 9/11 victims are going on display in a chilling exhibition to mark the tenth anniversary of the atrocity. The devices, which were still heard ringing as desperate family members tried to contact loved ones trapped in the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center, are a haunting reminder of the 2001 attack in New York.

Rescue workers could also hear the phones ringing while they searched for bodies.

A new exhibition at Newseum in Washington will display 60 pieces of evidence from the FBI's terror trials. A red wallet belonging to Ruth McCourt, of Connecticut, is also on show. Ruth and her four-year-old daughter were among the 60 passengers and crew on Flight 175 who were killed.

Pieces of the engine and landing gear of United Airlines Flight 175 are also on display along with the damaged antenna from the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

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