In Memory of Gary Jay Frank

Gary Jay Frank was 35 years old and from South Amboy, New Jersey. (Born: Plainview, New York). Gary worked for Aon Insurance Co. on the 92nd floor in the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

Gary's two sisters Felicia and Laurie have come to the World Trade Center every September 11th for the commemorative ceremony. With them they carry the same missing person's poster they've carried for the past decade.

"We will never forget you," reads the poster for Gary Frank, whose remains have never been found.

"Gary was my father. He had the biggest heart ever. He was funny and very outgoing, not to mention very smart. Everybody loved him very much, as did I. He taught me how to ride a 2-wheel bike. I remember on our weekends together, it was our ritual to go and see a movie and go out to dinner, whatever one I wanted. We had many, many trips to Six Flags. On one occasion, when we got there so early, we got to go on Medusa 3 times with no line. I always had a huge love for professional wrestling, and, sure enough, one day daddy said "You're going to raw!" And he took me to my first and since then only live event. His last Christmas and New Year's here, he took me to Disney World in Florida." Jessika Frank.

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